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    “Keep your love of nature, for that is the true way to understand art more and more.”
    ~Vincent Van Gogh 

Rocky Mountain National Park 
Guided Photography Trip

Rocky Mountain National Park has a very large-animal population making it one of the country's top wildlife watching destinations. In the park are countless species of animals from: elk, deer, moose, black bears, coyotes, foxes, otters, marmots and pikas, clark's nutcrackers, steller's jays, golden eagles, falcons, white-tailed ptarmigans, and american dippers to name a few. Don’t forgot the amazing scenery of all the mountains and Trail Ridge and Old Fall River roads. Rocky Mountain is a photographer’s dream. Let me help you capture those prefect memories and photographs. I offer half day and full day trips. Looking to get into the backcountry and do nature and wildlife photography? Ask about my hiker package. Looking for a vacation style trip? I can help with lodging, food, and other outdoor activities. Contact me below from more information.

What's Included In The Trip

All my guided photography trips are custom made for each client. I try to keep my guided trips to very small groups. The less people in the group the better chance of quality wildlife pictures. I have half day, full day, and multiday trips. Custom trips can also be made with lodging and food, guided hikes, and other outdoor activites.

All Trips Are Custom Made For You

Half Day Trip


5 Hours - Morning or Evenings Tours

Mornings: Trip will begin at sunrise. Breakfast items and drinks, camouflage clothing/blind, and lunch is provided. Transportation and lodging can be arranged

Evenings: Times will be based on time of year and sunset. camouflage clothing/blind, and dinner is provided Transportation and lodging can be arranged

Use the form below to contact me.

Full Day Trip


10 Hour – Custom Made For You:  Morning or Evening Based

Camouflage Clothing/Bind, Snacks and Drinks, Lunch and Dinner Provided

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Custom Trips

Looking for a vacation trip? Contact me today to talk about a vacation style trip. We can help with lodging, food, and a great time.

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Contact Me For More Information


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